UTD Shell Eco-Marathon 2018-2019

The Shell Eco-Marathon is a competition that brings students together to design and build a fuel efficient car from the ground up, then race it in a national competition in the Spring. The process of competing in this competitions improves team building and problem solving skills by working in a large team of 50+ members coming from different educational and cultural backgrounds.



Students receive hands on experience working, utilizing concepts they learn in their courses to build a car.

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Team Building

Through weekly meetings, students develop team building skills and expand their network

UTD Solar Vehicle Team (SVT) 2019-2022

SVT is a new project the ASME competitions team is taking on in the Fall of 2019. With this project it requires electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, marketing, and corporate relations sub teams to help with the process of building this solar car from scratch. Our goal is to give students in engineering, management, and business the opportunity to work on this solar car from the ground up! This will be a great team building opportunity that will allow students to work with others in different fields of study.